Corporate Registries - Agency Contacts and Other Links

Incorporating your business corporation is only one of the steps involved in organizing your business. Here is a list of some of the possible agencies you may contact:

Business Licence
You will need a business licence from the municipality if you are operating within a community, or if your work does not take place within a specific municipality. For more information, visit Consumer Affairs.

Workers' Compensation Board

If you need coverage, or clearance from coverage, from the Workers' Compensation Board, visit the Workers' Compensation Board of the NWT and Nunavut.

Labour Standards

Labour Standards laws are administered by the Labour Standards Office in the Department of Justice.

Nunavut Human Rights Law

Nunavut Human Rights Law is administered by the Fair Practice Officer in the Department of Justice.

Payroll Tax

If you plan on having employees operate in Nunavut, you should contact the Department of Finance regarding payroll tax. For more information, contact Taxation and Risk Management.

Business Development

For information regarding the Government Nunavut's Business Development resources, contact Business Development

Nunavut Business Incentive Policy

Nunavummi Nangminiqaktuniq Ikaajuti (NNI) For information regarding the NNI, contact the Department of Economic Development and Transportation.

There are also federal agencies with which you may need to register. For the most part, these deal with employee source deductions such as income tax, Canada Pension Plan and Unemployment Insurance. For information, call 1-800-663-3765.